The Food of PDX

I adore Portland! It is the land of artists, foodies, GF foodie options, food trucks, master gardeners, cute shops, Powell’s Books, and so much more!
I apologize up front for all of the photos of half eaten food. I get so excited by the meal in front of me that I dive right in, and forget to record the beauty for posterity.

Behold the food!

First up Killer Burger   – Peanut butter Pickle Bacon sounds odd, but damn it’s good! And they have a GF bun option! Winning!

I’m not a super wonderful food photographer, it’s me, greasy fingers, fumbling with my phone, trying to take a photo all the while continuing to eat! I am not a gracious or graceful woman.

Pastrami Zombie food truck by SAMMICH was to die for! Also with a GF bread option. Portland makes eating good food so easy, even when you have guts that aren’t down with gluten.


I’ve saved the best for last. Petunia’s. An entire GF bakery, and it’s good! So so so good! Not a bit of sawdust in sight, which is what most GF pastries taste like. I had my first piece of pie in such a long time. It was strawberry rhubarb, and I got a good photo because I was too busy crying tears of joy over the wonder of pie to actually eat it right away.


I think it goes without saying that I’ve been to Salt and Straw a few times now. There are no photos of ice cream, because it’s ice cream and it’s gone before any camera has a chance. Instead here is a selfie with me and a mostly empty cup. It was the seasonal GF Beet Red Velvet Cake with a swirl of ream cheese frosting.


Off to dinner now! More poorly lit, greasy food photos are on their way.

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