Day 3 – Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

A half day when hiking is just as exciting as it is when going to school, or working. Since we had hiked so far on day two, we woke up already at our lunch spot for day three. That meant that all we needed to do was get to the camp site for the night, a mere four hours away. The best part is that we would be camping at the base of the pre-Inca ruin – Paukarkancha, so we would have the entire afternoon to explore it.

The hike was relatively easy since we were already on the valley floor and just continued along the floor in a slow gradual downward fashion next to the river. This part of the path was the most populated by local farms, and farmers, as they traveled between two small villages. Lots of livestock on the trail too.

A half day for us, also meant a half day for our chefs, guide, and porters. Our head chef was most delighted, as he was going to take the opportunity to go fishing in the quick moving stream. The grin on his face as he hurried past us, fishing pole in hand, made all of the miles the day before totally worth it!




Wild Andean Mint – our chef was picking this along the way and making us Muna tea each night after dinner. 


Look at all of our extra energy today!



Hola Senior Mooo Moo!



Our camp for the night below. 



We had time to do a little laundry, and I took a shower here. I didn’t take a photo of the shower because it’s not anything I want to remember. It was the equivalent of three men on the verge of hypothermia peeing on my head.


This wee little puppy was our friend for the night. 



After a half day our chef’s were also very well rested and served banana’s flambe for dessert that night! 

Stay tuned for Day 4! Hint – it was supposed to be an easy day too.

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